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Critical incidents

Question 3 (Sept 2019)

A 24 year old woman is having a laparoscopic appendicectomy. Soon after teh start of the anaesthetic you start to suspect possible malignant hyperthermia.

a) Define malignant hyperthermia (MH) (2 marks)

b) Name 2 possible triggers for MH (2 marks)

c) Name 4 different signs that would make you suspect MH (4 marks)

d) Outline how you would manage this case (7 marks)

e) What blood test would you measure serially (1 mark)

The patient recovers and you are following the patient up

f) Where in the UK would you refer the patient for further testing (1 mark)

g) What tests are done to confirm MH (3 marks)

Question 10 (March 2019)



a) List the four commonest triggers for perioperative anaphylaxis according to the RCoAs’ 6th National Audit Project (NAP 6). (4 marks)

b) What is the estimated incidence of perioperative anaphylaxis? (1 mark)

c) Outline the pathophysiological process of anaphylaxis (5 marks)

d) Describe your management of intraoperative anaphylaxis in an adult patient (8 marks)

e) What should be done after successful treatment of anaphylaxis (2 marks)

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