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Day surgery

Question 7 (Sept 2019)

You are assessing a five year old for an elective ENT case. The parents describe how she has had a recent cough.

a) Name 2 social factors that may preclude paediatric daycase surgery (2 marks)


b) List 3 reasons why might you proceed with surgery ( 3 marks)

c) Outline 6 features in the history that you gather from the patients family that might cause a cancellation (6 marks)

d) Outline 4 features in your examination that might cause a cancellation ( 4 marks)

You discuss with a consultant and decide to go ahead with the theatre case. After securing IV access and on insertion of the airway the patient goes into laryngospasm

e) Outline how would you manage this (give doses of drugs if indicated)? (5 marks)

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