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Question 6 (March 2019)

A 77-year-old man is scheduled for laser surgery to a laryngeal tumour

a) What does the term LASER stand for (1 mark)

b) What different types of laser can be used for surgery (3 marks)

c) Name 5 ways the risk of an airway fire can be minimised (5 marks)

d) Name 6 measures you would take to protect staff when a laser is in use (6 marks)


e) What anaesthetic techniques can be used to allow a tubeless filed for laryngeal surgery (5 marks)

Question 12


A 24-year-old lady is listed for a bimaxillary osteotomy.


a)What would be your peri-operative airway concerns with such a patient? (7 marks)


b)Name 4 ways blood loss be minimised in this case? (4 marks)


c)Name 3 clinical advantages in using remifentanil for this operation? (3 marks)


d)Name 6 precautions you could take to reduce the risk of a retained throat pack post-surgery? (6 marks)


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