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Question 12 (March 2019)

a) What imaging modalities are recommended by NICE in acute stroke (1 mark)

b) What specific treatments can be considered for acute thrombotic ischaemic strokes (4 marks)

c) In these patients what is the potential consequence of severe hypertension (1 mark)

d) What level of hypertension (systolic and diastolic) is regarded as severe after ischaemic stroke (2 marks)?

e) A patient has had a large hemispheric infarction following a stroke. Outline your management of this patient following admission to critical care (12 marks)

Question 3 (September 2018)


A 68-year old man is referred to the neuro-intensive care unit with Guillian Barre syndrome (GBS)

a) What is Guillian-Barre syndrome (GBS)? (1 mark)

b) Name 2 causes of GBS (2 marks)

c) List six clinical features of GBS (6 marks)

d) Name 2 investigations and their findings that can be used to aid diagnosis (2 marks)

e) What are the problems associated with anaesthetising a patient with GBS (7 marks)

f) Name 2 specific treatments that are available? (2 marks)

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