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Question 2 (March 2019)


You are asked to assess a 15kg 4-year-old child who is scheduled for a strabismus (squint) correction as a day case procedure

List the anaesthetic considerations of this case, with regards to:

a)  Age of the patient (4 marks)


b) Day case surgery (3 marks)

c) Type of surgery (4 marks)


d) During the operation, the patient suddenly develops a profound bradycardia. What is your immediate management of this situation? (2 marks)

e) What strategies would you employ to reduce postoperative nausea and vomiting (4 marks)

f) What strategies would you employ to reduce postoperative pain (3 marks)

Question 1 (September 2018)

An otherwise healthy, ASA 1, 32 year oldman who was involvd in a road traffic accident has suffered a penetrating eye injury

a) Name 3 factors that determine the intraocular pressure in a healthy eye? (3 marks)

b) Name 5 key points that you would need to know when assessing thi patient preoperativley (5 marks)

c) The patient requires urgent surgery. Discuss 4 key goals of your specific intraoperative management (4 marks)

d) Name 5 contraindications to performinga regional bok in elective opthalminc surgery (5 marks)

e) Name 3 different types of regional block that are suitable for opthalmic surgery (3 marks)

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